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Addicted To Blogging

I am very much disappointed with the server connection lately, i am not sure who or what to blame but i cannot download pictures. Maybe my boss did something to the internet connection.. just to teach me a lesson.. ‘don’t blog while at work‘.. lol.. i am just assuming because lately i have been addicted to blogging.

The first thing i do when i come to work, switch on the computer, check for necessary ‘things to do’.. if not urgent.. i just let it be, i then log in to my blog and blog hopping at the same time. Meaning to say, my blog is my priority.. i am so sorry boss.. i can only blog during the work time but i promise you boss if you buy me this electronics for Secretaries Week .. i will give more priority to the office task.

6 thoughts on “Addicted To Blogging”

  1. hehe govt server memang slow shirl (o: i cannot even open my blog at the office! LOL so i go visit my friend in a different office and use her comp during lunch time – got streamyx bah.. hehe

  2. ahha.. so you blog at work… no wonder lah I dont see you at night… anyway.. I used to chat at work.. that time no blog yet.. but now full time blogger at home coz no work..lolzz

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