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Get Paid for Blogging?

I always wonder why bloggers stuck on the pc all the time, i mean what do they get from blogging? I asked Papajoneh 1001 questions, his simple word is try it yourself, he encouraged me to blog and i did. Surfing the internet to find the answer and this phrase ‘get paid for blogging, b’ makes me wonder how true it is.

No harm on trying, so i did. Imagine receiving $6.00 per assignment. Let me start my journey and let you know the outcome.

14 thoughts on “Get Paid for Blogging?”

  1. Shirley.. welcome to the wonderful world of paid… I’ve a member of several programs too and I’m earning a nice income..

    Another program that you should look into is Payperpost.. a lot of bloggers, myself included are making great income as you can get referral fee as well.. you can check out payperpost or PPP and more over here…

    Good luck and have fun 🙂

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