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Dream House

I always dream of having a house on a big land, well as long as it have its space for children to play and barbecue with family. I love this country house, its not so small and not so big, enough for my small family.

The plan is practical for my family.. i love it very much.

I have planned for the interior which i saw in the website of Branson lots. Well no harmed of imagining for a start.

Wah imagine that is me sitting down relaxing while blogging and my husband reading ..mmmm.. feel so good

Hey.. look at this bedroom, simple but i am sure it will spark the romantik mood …

If really i own this house with this interior, for sure i invite you all … come.. come.. Okay Shirley.. wake up.. enough dreaming.. back to reality.. but still i imagine and dream for this house. I will own this one day!

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