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Happy Birthday April’s Babies

  Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You… April’s Babies… Happy Birthday To You!   The early month of April i was celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday, then i realized there are so many people i know that celebrating birthday this month. But before i send my dedications, i wouldContinue Reading “Happy Birthday April’s Babies”

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Business on Fractional Ownership

Ever think of what business to venture in? Owning property for investment is a type of business that can create returns. You will get income and at the same time still maintaining the property for our future. There is another type of business that you can venture in, that is fractional ownership. It is anContinue Reading “Business on Fractional Ownership”

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The Basigag’s Family Day

    I had posted about this long time ago but as usual waiting pictures from my auntie to download this pictures from her camera. This ‘Basigag’s Family Day’ was held on 3rd February this year. It was our first attempt of doing so, in fact its only participated by two big family from Basisgag.Continue Reading “The Basigag’s Family Day”