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My Long Distance Friend

Its funny to think that you have a friend that is so close and yet so far.  I mean, i have known a guy from India that once studied in the US, his name is Arunkumar Keserlah.   We met through chatting in yahoo chat in 1999,  if i’m not mistaken because i remember i just broke up with my boyfriend.  He have been a very good friend, he had helped me in many ways even though we are far but the internet kept us close and i remember we talked once through the telephone.

He is now happily married with a beautiful Russian girl and now staying in the United States.  Imagine, we have known each other before we were married and we still keep in touch and exchange pictures of our family.

This is Dinesh their only son.. well at the moment i guess they will have more children in the future.  Below is Arun with his wife, i dont remember her name, i will ask Arun once i meet him online.

I hope our family can meet one day….


  • cindy

    That’s so sweet! 🙂 It’s nice having a long distant friend, isn’t it?

    I have a pet brother too that I’ve been in contact for the past 15 years. The only difference is, we’ve never met, and neither of us know how each other looked like – we never exchange photos! 😀

    Wah 15 years is long.. arent you curious how he look like? we meet in the chat room.. talking about family nowadays.. interesting

  • Cay

    I oso have a long distance friend infact i have a few that till now still keep in touch. It is very nice kan bah i hope arun will come down to kk one day or u can go holiday at the US ..

    if arun and his family can come to kk.. it think possible in the future.. if me and my family going to US.. well .. who knows day

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