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I Cant Believe It..

Me and my husband just came back from Chung Hwa, Likas. We just registered Sean in Chung Hwa primary school for 2010. Once i stepped in the school compound, it reminds me of my schooling time….mix feeling.. excited, scared, nervous.. all in one. I am there as an adult.. register for my son.. meaning i’m old lah. I feel relief once i completed the form and given a slip ‘Pendaftaran Masuk ke Darjah Satu’, the clerk requested me to call the school on November 2009 for confirmation, wah.. i hope i wont forget.

I was reading my favourite magazine ‘Women’s Weekly’ and there was an article about baby and children which feature few style and brands of baby cribs. It suddenly reminds me how grown up my Sean is.. he is no longer baby oh..

I cant believe it he’s going to primary school, even now he is in his first year kinder, i just cannot imagine looking at him with the white and blue uniform. Another 2 years.. he will be in Primary School.. wah.. I cant believe it.. and i cant wait.


  • osindak

    he he sia pun so excited when Shania started Primary 1! uniform biru bah.. he he i brabis take photo lagi. Our babies grow so fast, don’t they?

    Ya i will remember that.. take pictures.. hehe

  • Shemah

    hi there.. Cool blog! 🙂

    Whoa.. register for 2010. My my.. I can’t even plan what I’m doing next month and you already have your son registered. Salute you laa…

    Well, I don’t know where I’ll be then (KK or KL) so, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see lah kan.. 🙂

    Have a nice day, Shirley.. take care!

    Thanx shemah… actually too early to register but maybe its easier for the school.. its just a ‘have to’ thing to do..if not i will be sitting down and wait.. hehehe

  • Cay

    Me&hubby went to register Amber to a chinese school here in wangsamaju but kena rejected cus we are too early for registration hehehe ..Amber only can be register next year hahaha ..clumsy parents huh

    so funny oh.. when you told me that you want to register Amber for primary one..sya trus confuse oh.. hehe. because Sean is older than Amber.

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