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Fever Again

Weekend just over.. i’m back to work. Last weekend Sean was having bad cough but seems ok and now Chrissa got the cough. Friday and Saturday night, Chrissa had hay fever, i’m not sure why, i assumed because of the cough. So as usual mummy have to wake up taking care of my baby girl.. cant sleep well.

Mmm… (sight).. i guess .. supplements and vitamin c is not enough to prevent them from getting sick. . My friend suggested me grape seed extract which is good for children’s immune system. Well… no harm trying if for the sake of the children.


  • chegu carol

    oh kesian ur children. It’s always a heartache to see your kids sakit kan. I mean, not that I have one but if my colleagues ada anak sakit, sure they all susah hati and most often take a day or two leave just to take care of their sick kiddo.

    ya bah.. cuti also sikit oh.. coz jaga anak sakit.. but i rather take leave than ask my nanny jaga.. especially if fever.. so kesian

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