My Model

My baby girl Chrissa give her best shot in front of the camera. She loves dancing with her dress on… imagining she is Barbie..

She is my princess... my model..hehe

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4 Responses to “My Model”

  1. mummy ruth says:

    cutenya chrissa sana, ko p cari party dress yang macam fairy tu then ambil gambar dia, mesti she likes. Barbie Chrissa

    haha… tambahlah dia mintapuji…

  2. osindak says:

    so adorable your chrissa, shirl! berapa sudah gia umur dia tu?

    this picture taken masa dia 6-8 months kali tu.. she will be 2 years old this 4 April..

  3. Cay says:

    Uinaa sumandak tongingo niii ..kasi ikut unduk ngadau nii bila besar 🙂

    iya.. mo kasi ikut Ms.India jga ni.. hahaha

  4. ethel says:

    Aww.. what a cute lil girl! 😀

    thanx.. mcm mummy dia bah tu.. hehehe..prasan

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