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Weird Way To Cross The Road

I was driving with Sean yesterday evening, and when i reached at the Bundusan road after CKS Supermarket i slow down because i saw a few teenagers trying to cross the road. I then stop to give way for them, i feel so pity for one of the teenagers whom is actually limping. He take his sweet time, dragging his feet on the road, his face shows that its hurt. I guess it must have been very painful…poor guy. Maybe he just went through drug treatment… it must have been hard for him.
While waiting this guy crossing the road, i saw his friend at the side of the road laughing.. mmm… curious.. while driving i look at the limping guy from my side mirror… guess what!… once he reached the other side of the road.. he jump.. and walk.. yes.. walk.. he just tricked me.

I think that is one of the weirdest way to cross the road.

2 thoughts on “Weird Way To Cross The Road”

  1. Atukoi …ada jua mcm tuu disana yah ..i thot here in kl jah mcm tuu ..but u bcareful oohhh sometime they will take advantage on u oohh ..

    ya bah.. macam-macam ada…

  2. that boy sure took advantage lah…ishh, kalu betul2 kena kimpang baru dia tau.

    mmm.. kin panas also.. but i was laughing in the car.. my son look at me one kind..! why lah my mum..

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