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So many things on my mind nowadays… feel bored doing work in the office. For a start, i am thinking of investing ‘laptop’. I need a laptop with a laptop memory that is worth buying, i mean for what buying expensive laptop but the memory is slow… like mine.. lol.

Nowadays i just curi-curi update my blog from the office… thats why not much can be done. So many designs i need to download but i don’t have enough time to do it from the office. Well… i hope i can get a laptop this year.

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4 Responses to “Home Business”

  1. jppmom says:

    buli bah klu ko…dream and yer dream will come true if you really wants it tat bad..

    harap2 can come true this year

  2. osindak says:

    hi shirley!! hari2 sia check ur blog for updates.. (o: ya bah, true what jppmom bilang. start with a dream.. (psst.. aeon ada give option ansur2 punya tu.. hehe)

    thanx for being supportive.. tu lah mo beli laptop..supaya tidak disappoint u all.. aiseman.

  3. Cay says:

    Shir ..we got the same dream&problem lah ..i oso want laptop so i can update my blog ..

    ya lorr.. tapi not sure also if i can update my blog at home with sean n chrissa …m>

  4. mummy ruth says:

    moi, kali kedua la sya resent my msg ni..server down kan.
    so, gini klu u want to use laptop just call me d rumah kita share2 kunun buat hehehe
    I also want to find own laptop, ada ka di Singer tu? mmhh..nanti we go find out k

    hehe.. ada Osindak bilang AEON..monthly..hehehe

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