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    Growing Up…

    She once a tiny baby girl, weight only 2.68kg, she will be 2 years old on 4th April 2008.. how fast the time flies. She is so talkative and act like ‘little mummy’.

    Smile Chrissa… .‘is that the best smile you can give me?’..

    My lovely girl loves to to watch tv with her toys.. pretending that she is the leader. She like to imitate whatever i do and say… sometimes if feel like she is playing ‘simon said’.. .. I called her shasha, amoi, girl.. depending on the situation.. imagine that..

    His brother, she call him ‘abang Sean’… really take care of her sister. Sometimes Chrissa can bully the big brother..

    She doesnt want her photo to be taken.. but pretending the brother make him cry..

    Wearing their punjabi suits… at sean’s school.