Everyday i have been doing the same thing, wake up early, get everything ready for children, doing the same work in the office.. sometimes boring, sometimes stressful. Well, if i don’t work, i will not have money.. . sigh.. How i wish i have money in the world..

If i really have money in the world… the first thing i will do is… .. Vacation! Vacation!Vacation! My first vacation will be Vegas Hotel… sure far.. but sure worth it.

How do i get the money to pay my expenses… dream, buy lottery… or just wait for Oprah give me the ‘surprise’ pay cheque. The cozy Vegas Hotel will be my place to stay… Vegas here i come.

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One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Cay says:

    Yeah it is nice if we can go wherever we want with money is not a problem.

    how i wish i can i say ‘money is not a problem’… mm sigh..

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