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My New Blog

I have created a new blog, the content will be all about fashion and makeup. The blog is still under construction but you are welcome to check it out. I have added a few collections of my sketch designs for your view.

My New Blog
Please feel free to add your comment. Thanks, your support are very much appreciated.


  • osindak

    wow so nice!! buli design nice baju kurung for me ka? hehehe

    Buli bah kalo ko!.. any necessary details? like kurung moden kah, asli or whatsoever you want to add. senang i design.. if ngam your ginavo.. you blanja nopo..KFC.. hehehe..

  • osindak

    hehehe coolest!! i have kain now, the kaler is cream and brownish, got kilat2. hehe kurung moden la. thanks so much kio! (kfc boleh saja bah! hehe)

    Hi check out the other blog…

  • papajoneh

    congrats shirley. See, you can do it if you want to. Well done and all the best!

    Osindak pun disini. Bah ngam la tu.:D

    Big Thanks to Papajoneh.. becoz of you lah.. i am able to do all this.. the blog is still under construction bah.. blum have to time to post lagi.. learning lah katakan.

  • jppmom

    well done! easy for ppl to see yer sketches 😉 bah bila lagi ko mo design for me?

    Thank you.. i have no time to scan lagi ni… got few sketches lagi to add.. wait lah.. now fee nanti i charge.hehehe

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