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I Just Need ZZZZZ

I have been very sick from diarrhaea since weekend and at the same time my daughter’s tummy got infected which caused ‘boil’ on the skin. I cannot take care of myself and my daughter, so my smart move.. knock at my mummy’s door.

My mummy open the door with open heart… cook delicious soup and at the same time put the chinese medicine for chrissa. So pity my mummy, she have to do ‘2 in 1’ job. Yesterday my mummy was a great nurse for both me and my little girl.

Last night, we were back at our home. I am feeling much better after taking the medicine the doctor prescribe. My little girl woke up at 1.00am, crying.. ‘mummy.. pain’ she might feel itchy. I bring her to our living room, fed her milk.. sang her lullaby until she fall asleep without touching her tummy. .. poor baby.

Today, after sending Chrissa to her nanny, i am back to work feeling sleepy and tired.. so tired. What i really need is a good rest. .. i can take a nap during lunch time.. while writing this my colleague is nicely taking her sweet nap…zzzzzz…ayo.

I cannot imagine how my mummy, being a homemaker managed to take care of four children. I dont think you will have time to rest if you are at home.

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  • jppmom

    that’s y mother is called ‘angel’..treasure her while you can..wish I can treasure mine 🙁

    i am sure, she have been your ‘angel’.. without you even notice it.. she always be by your side..

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