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    Being A Mother

    I remember when i was single, my mummy used prepare everything for me. Not only during my school time but also after i got my job. Imagine that, i was so ‘manja’ with my mummy and still am.. hehe. She will wakes me up every morning, cook breakfast for me and when i come back from work, the dinner is ready. When i’m sick, she will be by my side. What a life! siok oh.. like a princess.

    When i got married and have children on my own, i then realized how heavy and tough is it being a mother and a wife. There were times that i was so tired and cannot cope with stress. I have been in the situation that i fainted in front of my kids and husband, crying alone and even sitting down doing nothing.. blank.

    Women should prepare themselves before landing into motherhood.. be prepared .. physically and also mentally. I ever asked my mummy.. that i cannot be a mother like her, she said ‘in your children’s eyes, you are the best’.. so nice kan.. thanks mum. Being a mother is a process of learning.. i learn from mistake and doing my best in every task. I am one of those lucky mothers out there, where my husband help me doing the house chores and cooks at home. Thanks God for that.

    Its funny to think that being a mother, you will be able to do what you think is impossible. While driving, one hand on the steering, my other hand can reach under the seat.. just to get a toy, and i can even draw whatever sean asks me.. Dont you think only plastic man can do that.. hehehe. We are staying in the 2nd floor apartment, there were times that i had to hold my son’s hand, carry my daughter and another 2 bags on my shoulder and another hand gripping a bag… with high heel.. To be truthful i ever fell down the stairs.. lucky my children were alright.

    If you in the situation that you cannot think and dont know what to do, the best thing to do is PRAY . . believe me its help. Being a mother is so special and i think every women should experience it.. .. I LOVE BEING A MOTHER!