Fever Attack

Sunday night, my girl Chrissa sleep uncomfortably, when i touch her head.. oh my.. my baby was having a fever and the temperature was high. I gave her fever medicine that night and damp towel on her head. I bring her to clinic on Monday morning but at night the fever still ‘on and of’. I took another leave on Tuesday so that i can take care of Chrissa, while his daddy go to work and brother go to school.

Tuesday night, Chrissa feeling a bit better.. .. time for me to rest.. 3.00am i awakened by Sean’s cries, he was shivering.. o dear.. my son having fever.. i woke up to give him fever medicine.  Im not having enough sleep…. i woke up, sit for awhile.. Sean asked me a question that i will never forget ‘mummy why you cry?’ 

Wednesday morning, we bring Sean to clinic.  So many things on my mind, my daughter, my son and my job in the office .. how can i juggle..  My husband volunteer to take care of Sean, he took one day leave for that purpose.  That night he still had his fever.. ‘how about tomorrow?’ Either me or my husband need to sacrifice for another leave.. One last option my guardian angel.. SMSs my mum if she free that Thursday.. Thanks God.. they replied my sms ‘ok bah kalo ko’.. o dear that word again.

Until now i am still feeling tired.. i want a rest!.. a good sleep..

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  • jppmom

    that’s d time tat i really hate! can’t sleep coz have to care them takut d fever naikkan..and Josh + the twins are having fever, flu, cough right’s been 2 days straight oledy I didn’t have enough sleep…Presley wakes up every one hour cry and wants me to carry him…sengsara I tell you!

    ya bah … mcm no sleep at all..

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