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    Chinese New Year Fever

    Everybody is busy with Chinese New Year gathering on the Chinese New Year Eve. My boss kindly gave us opportunity to leave the office early than usual. After our job completed, we nicely packed our things and gone with the wind.. hehehe.

    First day of Chinese New Year, my family visit my relatives in Kinarut, my children got ang pow from their young grand aunties and grand uncles..then we proceed to my brother’s open house. My brother married to a Sino-kadazan whom celebrates CNY every year.. thats the best thing about Sabahan… we celebrates all occasion.

    Sean and Chrissa collected RM30 ang pow each, on the the first day of CNY…. money will go into their account for sure.

    Second day of Chinese New Year.. at home, fasting. ..

    On this month of Lent, we are encourage to fast, especially on friday but not only foods but also the things we does everyday. But i have my own intention, which is no nescafe. . i am so addicted to caffein.. trying my best.

  • Children

    Fever Attack

    Sunday night, my girl Chrissa sleep uncomfortably, when i touch her head.. oh my.. my baby was having a fever and the temperature was high. I gave her fever medicine that night and damp towel on her head. I bring her to clinic on Monday morning but at night the fever still ‘on and of’. I took another leave on Tuesday so that i can take care of Chrissa, while his daddy go to work and brother go to school.

    Tuesday night, Chrissa feeling a bit better.. .. time for me to rest.. 3.00am i awakened by Sean’s cries, he was shivering.. o dear.. my son having fever.. i woke up to give him fever medicine.  Im not having enough sleep…. i woke up, sit for awhile.. Sean asked me a question that i will never forget ‘mummy why you cry?’ 

    Wednesday morning, we bring Sean to clinic.  So many things on my mind, my daughter, my son and my job in the office .. how can i juggle..  My husband volunteer to take care of Sean, he took one day leave for that purpose.  That night he still had his fever.. ‘how about tomorrow?’ Either me or my husband need to sacrifice for another leave.. One last option my guardian angel.. SMSs my mum if she free that Thursday.. Thanks God.. they replied my sms ‘ok bah kalo ko’.. o dear that word again.

    Until now i am still feeling tired.. i want a rest!.. a good sleep..