• Family

    Basigag’s Family Day

    Family Day come true. My family was the first to check-in Borneo Paradise on Saturday afternoon. Other family members came at night, mostly my side of the family. We occupied four rooms.

    Sunday.. D’day.. 7.40 am.. relatives started coming in.. registered with the committee… and before our games begin..we were divided into categories..

    Group A (Age 12 and below) the cutiest..

    Group B (Age 13 – 29) the teenagers with the style..

    Group C( Age 30-39) mmm.. my group..the strongest.. hehehe

    Group D (Age 40 and above) the most sporting of all… i love them all..

    The Games…

    1. Sack Race
    2. Giant Slipper
    3. 3-legged Race
    4. Ping Pong Race
    5. Terompah Tempurung
    6. Musical Chairs
    7. Tug of War
    8. Limbo Rock

    We ended our programmes with poco-poco dance lead by auntie Evelyn Gobile.

    We had a tiring but fun and memorable events.. hopefully we can meet up again next year.