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    Planning For Family Day

    My aunty Donna was busy emailing each other on how fun it will be if we can gathered our families for a FAMILY DAY, so we decided to ask my brother, bona for his assistance. The three of us managed to gather for a meeting.

    First meeting was on 13th FebruaryJanuary, held in aunty Donna’s house in Penampang, second meeting in Bona’s house in Tebobon and the last and third meeting was held in uncle Leong’s house in Tmn. Regency Penampang. We had formed commitee for the Family Day.

    Bonaventure Boniface Hunggim Chairman
    Donna Koh Vice Chairman / Treasurer
    Shirley B.Hunggim Asst Treasurer
    Nikki Narizo Secretary
    Peter Koh Committee
    Ashley Koh Committee
    Shella B.Hunggim Committee
    Danny Koh Committee


    1. Project Name

    Project name remained as THE “BASIGAG” FAMILY DAY.. instead of Koh-Insing Family Day

    2. Project Objectives

    a) To know well of each others’ families

    b) To increase family ties / bonds

    c) To thoroughly trace & create the family tree of the Basigag family.

    3. Project Date

    Project dates remained and agreed to be held from 2nd February – 3rd February 2008, Saturday & Sunday

    ** 3rd Feb is a Full day Function

    4. Project Venue

    Donna Koh reported that Borneo Paradise Resort has revised its quotation and was found that it is much more reasonable than the offer made by Beringgis Beach Resort.

    Hope everything goes well as planned..