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    God Saved Their Lives

    Thank you God, you saved my family’s live. My dad was driving with my mum, sister and another cousin. There were on their way to St. Augustine, Kinarut on Sunday morning (27 Jan 08). According to my daddy, he was turning from a junction when he saw a car speeding .. he just heard my mummy shouting ‘kereta‘ then they heard loud sound. The speeding car hit the front car on the passenger side and straight hit the electric pole.

    My dad and other family members were shocked, they can just watched the whole things happened in front of them. The car that hit them was in terrible condition, the front glass shattered into pieces and the passenger was bleeding on the face, probably because of the glass. I can imagine how my family feels that day, i ever experienced the same accident that almost cause death.

    They settled everything with police help on the scene. But IF, the person did not speeding, he wouldnt hit the electric pole with hard impact, IF my dad did not stop, the car might hit the passenger side, where my mummy and sister are sitting, IF, IF, IF…

    As usual, there are so many people at the scene… ‘dia laju oh”jalan dia mah”dia salah oh”.. these people only giving their own opinion.. but for me what important is God Saved Their Lives… Thank You God!