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    How I hate today..

    I feel so grumpy today… It is so not my day..  i never believe on  ‘BLACK MONDAY’..  its not in my diary.. but today.. i just really hate it! I came to the office, i start doing the job that i supposed to do and at the same time i ended up doing new task… thanks to my smart boss. She thought she is so smart, wants to take care of everything.. but ended up i deal with those people. isshh.. (sigh)

    We shouted at each other on the phone.. . even though she is my boss.. but i have to right to let my chess out.. My colleague did their very best to make me happy .. but still i cannot hide my feeling. Anyway.. thanks Naz, Juv, Pat and Ct for helping me go though the day.. . My day completed with Carol’s words of encouragement through sms…

    It is not my day .. i just hate it !!!!