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    Future ahead of us..

    Can you imagine what it will be like if you won a lottery? How could your life change by it.. getting lots of money in a blink.   We dont know whats ahead us.. are we getting richer, getting poorer.. sometimes i wish i can tell the future or know the future..  Well maybe i watch ‘heroes’ too much..  But i am sure, you too have the same though.  Do you think money will make us ‘good’ or just ‘devil’ out of us.

    My relative for instance, somebody who had nothing.. only passion of music.. he managed to get second place in a ‘reality show’ .. well you know what happend next.. enjoying himself with fame and the love of music.  He is on his way to the top.. ‘you go dudu’. 

    But different with a friend i once knew, love branded outfit, nice car, living and chasing for $$$$ most of the time.  I just found out that he lost almost everything… wife leaving him, out of job, no car.. o dear.. i am so sorry to hear about him.. i hope he will learn through experience.  Dear God help him! 

    I just pray that i have my family in God’s protection, good health, safe home to stay and enough money to survive.