• Personal

    Apartment for Sale

    I have been thinking about this for so long.  I feel its time to move to a house with a land.  So.. here goes.. ‘I am selling my apartment’.  My apartment is a nice, cute place to stay in but my children are growing up.. and  my brother selling me his house with good price.  I told my brother that i might consider buying his house if anybody buy my apartment.

    I have not asked anybody to value the apartment but i will just consider rm150k.   Its in Taman Penampang, corner, 2 rooms attached with built in wardrobe, built in cabinet in the kitchen, plaster ceiling .. and ya.. i just painted it..

    so if you are interested or want to know more.. just add ur comment ..

  • Beauty,  Family

    Princess ‘LoLa’

    My cousin, Eleanora Wong.. loves makeup.  She asked me whether i can put makeup for her.. well … why not?


                    eyeshadow   :  shimmer blue

                       cheek          :   pink

                      lipstick        :    glossy pink

    Suitable for young and simple girl who love pink.