Since my father retired from his job, Daddy and mummy often spend their times travelling. Whenever somebody passed away and wedding to be attended, family members to be visited, … there sure be punya.. no matter in Tuaran, Kuala Penyu, Membakut. Since they have free time, Labuan also in their destination list.

Last Wednesday.. i received a call from my dad asking me to order ‘wreath’ to bring to a funeral, somebody in Kuala Penyu passed away. Thursday i called them, there were in Kuala Penyu. On Friday i received sms from my mum ‘kami di Labuan hantar Sherene‘ (their grand daughter, my niece).

I usually receive this msgs ‘kami d labuan‘, ‘kami on the way pg Membakut’, ‘besok we going to Kuala Penyu’,.. we on the way back from Labuan. etc.. i’m used to it. . hehehe

Involved actively in church also exposing them to places, that even i never been before. .. May God always be both of you during your journey… safe journey to the destination.