• Children

    When and how?

    When i got a phone call from my son’s teacher on Wednesday, informing me that Sean vomitted and having fever.  While she was talking, i said to myself ‘when did it happened he did not show any sign of cold or fever, he was ok this morning’.  .. . Hello! Hello!.. i heard the teacher voice again.  Oops sorry..  Ok i will fetch her soon.  ‘Dont worry, dont rush.. we will take care of him..’  said the teacher, .. thanks .

    Once i completed the task given to me.. i immediately take my purse, car key.. and out of office.  On the way fetching him, i still asked myself,  when did it happened, how could he get the fever… he didnt play in the rain.. taking bath too long.. when? my questions never answered..

    Within minutes driving, i reached Sean’s school and saw him looking so tired but happy to see me.  I gave him a hug..  ‘bye bye teacher see you’ .. he said while walking to the car wihout looking back.  He was sleeping all the way to our family doctor in Klinik Bundusan.. Dr. Susheila waiting for us… she gave him antibiotic and fever medicine…  she also gave me an eye drop.. it was read and itchy.. she said because too heaty inside.

    Back home..  he can still watched his power ranger and do his kick jump… before taking his lunch, medicine and zzzzz go to bed.  my poor baby..