• Friend

    Meeting The Right People At the Right Time

    I believe meeting the right people at the right time did help me last year. Thanks flora for asking me to help you.. doing the project paper. We did it from scratch.. i dint know we can make it but we did.

    I think we believe in what we were doing.. even though.. it looks impossible. Our partner, Bonda helped us to get the experience of doing business.  Now we know how hard doing business.. not an easy money man. We met her at the right time and also the two girls who had helped Bonda in managing the project.

    Maybe its just luck or we met the right people at the right time!!!

  • Family

    The New Year Day…

    We celebrated our New Year Eve very simple.. just barbeque with my brother’s friends and our relatives in my brother’s home in Tebobon, where my parents are staying.  We watched tv and chit chatting until its 12.00 midnight.. Happy New Year!!!

    I woke up early on 1st January 2008 at 7.30 am but my husband already went back home.  My mum as usual was in the kitchen clearing up things.  I heard voices coming down the stairs..   Good Morning!!!   Mamata offered hair wash.. so i will be her first customer.. ” wah so good ah you.. mamata .. can open salon oh..”  after that i did her manicure…  We were the customers and also the beautician..  My dad comment was “Beauty Year kah?”

    My mummy was one of the customers but she also cook for lunch..   My mum cannot sit down one..   My husband came at 3.00 pm, he said he cleaned our apartment. We took our dinner and at 9.00pm we went back home…