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    My Journey with Sean

    I want to share my experience as a mother, who drives to work everyday. The journey is about my son’s behavior in the car. Sean travels with me in the car since he was 8 months old. I used to send him to my brother’s house, in my mothers care for four months. I then send him to Yayasan Sabah Nursery since its near to my office, much more convenient especially if I need to work extra hours. That time, my husband was working in the City, so I have to fetch Sean before fetching my husband. It takes me 30 minutes approximately with the jam to reach my husband’s office.

    I will be driving with alone with Sean, after sending my husband and the journey to his office in the evening. Once my husband came out from the car and I took turn to drive, he will start his nonsense. In the morning, I will normally gives him something to eat and play baby music. I will be lucky if he is calm and quiet but sometimes he will just go out from the baby car seat and sit on my lap. I cant do anything but letting him sit still because if I scold or shout at him, he will get more frustrated and started his tantrum. I need to focus and concentrate on the road. He ever fall asleep on my lap while driving imagine that. I even accidentally knock somebody’s car because I can’t concentrate, I was so lucky the lady driver was nice even though there was a bent on her car.

    Early 2006, we enrolled Sean in Tzu Yu, KK since its near to hubby’s office. I gave birth to a baby girl in 4th April 2006 and during the confinement, Sean stay at home with me. When I returned to work, I send Sean and baby Chrissa to a babysitter near my apartment. Sean doesn’t like it, he got bored, so I send Sean to a nursery on the way to work. I was still ok because both me and my husband send and fetch him everyday.

    Last year (2007) he was in pre-school, we enrolled him in Yik Tze Kindergarden, Likas which is located near to my Office but still chaos whenever I’m with him. So many things happened.. but there were few experience I cannot forget.. the day I fetch him from school but he doesn’t want to go back.. imagine that.. I force myself driving in that narrow road… but he kept on kicking and want to take control of the steering wheel. I managed to parked near a junction… Only God knows how I felt that time.. my hp out of credit.. my dear husband usually call us to check where we were but that time never call until 40 minutes waiting.. imagine that.. My husband had to use the company’s car to fetch us.. back to his office to send the car.. and straight fetch chrissa and back home. Another worse experience was also back from school but this time he wants me to stop at a Supermarket and he managed to grab a dinosaurs toys…. While I was driving he asked me to make the toys stand .. OMIGOD.. the toys were to small… Sean grabbed my spectacle .. when I told him .. ‘mummy cant see’ he gave me back but the unfortunately the one of the glass broke.. imagine driving without one glass.. its like driving with closing one eyes. I was praying until I reached home..

    I feel so tired and stressed out but I was lucky we were survived and reached home safely.

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    The Short Reunion

    After so long me and my buddies never meet up together, especially kolet. Since Kay was here for her holiday, we agreed to meet at City Mall. As usual lah.. I have to fetch my dear friend Kay from her house in Kobusak. The Reunion was only for Mummies only.. Husbands and Children were NOT ALLOWED!

    We reached City Mall at 6.30pm. Our two buddies, Fele and Kolet were waiting for us already. So it was like a Reunion for the four of us except for Flo, not sure where she is now but I’m sure she is busy with her life and career. Anyway we straight went to the Old Station Kopitiam… haiyaa (sight) take order also took us so long to decide especially our che’che’.

    Trying to catch up with stories… I think we talked too loud, too fasted and too many stories at one time. But the only thing kay can say was ‘wah you all so kurus oh’. The most stories is about our children. It is so interesting because I remember the first time we all met up after graduated from college we were busy talking about how we like this guy, who we admires, how sucks the job is (we still do sometimes..hehehe). Papajoneh came early from his office and took fele away from us..

    While fele and papajoneh taking their dinner together, we went to POPULAR Book Store to buy gifts for each other children. We met our college friend with her family.. to her surprise when she saw us.. ‘ wah I feel like in ITM oh meeting the three of you.. ‘. When I showed kolet what I bought for her daughters, you know what she said … ‘alamak.. i already bought those… can you buy other things…’ ok lah.. I end up buying stickers and colouring book as requested by the mother.. next time I wont tell her what I am buying.. hehehe.. Anyway we were those few people queuing up to pay at the counter say 15 minutes before they closed. Once we were out of the Book Store.. its exchange time.. we have 3 plastic bags only.. so Kay have to keep her daughters presents in her bag.. ok problem solved.

    Time to go home.. time check.. 9.40pm… Bye Kay.. See you when I go to KL or when you come down to KK… See Ya .. Kolet.. since you are now working in KK.. we can make an appointment with Fele.. for mummies day out.. ok.. safe journey to Tuaran.. it’s a long road. I reached home at 10.00pm… husband and children still awake watching TV.

    The REUNION was short, fun and interesting… I hope we can meet up again.. the five of us.. good friends…