Back to Work!!!

After a long break… 14 days onleave.. including the public holiday, Saturday n Sunday. Now i’m back to work.

The same routine, all over again, wake up, get sean ready, drive to work… reach office.. look at the computer.. what need to be done.. actually .. it seems that the Computer is my boss.. waiting for its command. What need to be done.

After that long break, taking care of my children at home, give me a conclusion… that i am more better at work. If i am tired, i can sit for a while and surf the internet, just to refresh my mind. But at home, aduh… so tiring.. of course its great to wake up a bit late than usual. Dont get me wrong.. i love to stay at home but i dont think i am ready to be a Housewife lah.

If i have extra money, maybe stricked jackpot, i might consider staying at home but not full day. I still dream of having my own Beauty Salon. I will name it BeautyZa’s Beauty Centre, whicl will include salon, spa and fashion. I will keep dreaming.. planning .. i am sure dream will come true.. so wait ah…

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  • jppmom

    ooh I loveee to be with d kids at home but of course very tiring..well hope yer dream comes true for the salon so boleh lah free service for me yea LOL

    free service? Ok bah kalu ko!

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