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    Good Bye 2007!

    After so long holiday and no access to internet, i kept so many things in my head. So many story i wanted to share.

    For me 2007, was a year of great challenge but i learned that however difficult the situation is, God is there. God has saves me in many ways.

    In June last year, my husband took a job offer in KL because of the good pay but it just took him few days to change his mind and came back to Sabah. Let just say, last year was not really a good year for him.

    As for me, i managed to grab a business deal which lead me to a new opportunity and meet new friends.

    I also passed my exam.. hopefully give me a good chance of promotion but for me, i rather get a salary hike than promotion… whatever lah.

    My family and friends have been a great help. Thank you for being a listener, a motivator and a lending hand. I appreciate your help in anyways.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thanks… my parents for being there whenever we’re in needs of help. Bona, Doreen, Shella and Sharon for being a great siblings, ones ever had. Mummy BB and Mamata… thank you for helping me taking care of Sean and Chrissa whenever i asked you to help.

    My Bestfriends Mamacay, Ina fele and carol for being a good listener. Helen n JJ also for being my reference on how to handle kids.

    My dear cousin in KL, Lilian and my sis. in-law, Annabelle… for your courage.

    I love you all! God Bless you! mmmmuaaaa.. wah like receiving award pulak.. hehehe..

    Good Bye 2007! Thank you God for helping me to go though the years adding the experience that i have learned and new friends that i have met.

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    Back to Work!!!

    After a long break… 14 days onleave.. including the public holiday, Saturday n Sunday. Now i’m back to work.

    The same routine, all over again, wake up, get sean ready, drive to work… reach office.. look at the computer.. what need to be done.. actually .. it seems that the Computer is my boss.. waiting for its command. What need to be done.

    After that long break, taking care of my children at home, give me a conclusion… that i am more better at work. If i am tired, i can sit for a while and surf the internet, just to refresh my mind. But at home, aduh… so tiring.. of course its great to wake up a bit late than usual. Dont get me wrong.. i love to stay at home but i dont think i am ready to be a Housewife lah.

    If i have extra money, maybe stricked jackpot, i might consider staying at home but not full day. I still dream of having my own Beauty Salon. I will name it BeautyZa’s Beauty Centre, whicl will include salon, spa and fashion. I will keep dreaming.. planning .. i am sure dream will come true.. so wait ah…