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The Worse Memory Ever

Having a home to stay is good enough. I thought staying in an apartment is safe because you only have to check on the front door. Further more my apartment is located at the 2nd floor, so I guess the safety is more important than the security. But I did put grill on every windows and the front door.

As I remember, it was before Christmas in 2006. My husband, Chris drove me and the children to my parents house in Tebobon before he go to work. It was 7.15 am when we left the apartment.

As usual me and my family got so many things to talk about.. having great time there with them.. until I got a call from my husband at 4.30pm… ‘Dear, I think somebody break into our house’….. I was trembling.. I cant hardly stand.

After I put down the phone, I didn’t know what to do.. I remember my mum gave me water to drink.. she said to calm me down. Well I wanted to cry but no tears coming out from my eyes, I wanted to shout but who should be blamed, I really don’t know what to do.. I just sit down .. waited for my dad to send me home.

My dad drove me home, while my children were in my mummy’s care. Upon reaching home, I can feel my body trembling.. the 2nd floor seems to be very high to me. I saw people talking to each other while looking at me… so embarrassing..

In front of my house, my husband were talking with our neighbour, his part of the story on how he saw the door was slight open when he passed by..and the wife continue.. she knocked the door to see whether we were there.

Once I went inside the house, I felt so different, its an unpleasant feeling that somebody were actually inside your house .. stealing.. we checked on any missing items.. First thing I checked was the jewellery and exactly it was gone, totally gone. I have been keeping all the golds with other jewellery in a box, my bangles, rings, chains… the thief took only golds mind you. I check my important documents, our birth certificates, bank books.. still there. Check in my son’s room, I saw my make-up box on the table, they might think it was a safety box and I am sure they were disappointed to discover it was full of makeup, false eyelashes instead of money.

Me and my husband went to the police station, while my dad waited at home. At the Police Station, they asked us to wait for an officer at a different department, don’t remember what department that was, but sure the place look creepy to me, with all the photos of the ‘wanted’ on the front door. We waited for 20 minute still nobody turn up, just because it is a police station, they let the door unlock, the fan and light was on, as if they were people working inside. I remember my old CID fren, Mr. Siva.. called him and told him what happened. Within 20 minute, we saw a guy came down from a car and asked us to lead the way.. Once we reached home, the police guy took photos on the items and asked 1001 questions. After done with all that, he went back leaving us .. crying without tears.. so sad. I have to be positive.. why should I cry over golds.. I should appreciate that me and my family were unharmed. I started imagining what worse things that could have happened if we were there at home at time of the robbery.

Thanks God we are still alive and well. Life is much more important than gold which I can buy anytime if I want.

That will be my worse memory that I should erase from my memory box, which I actually did because I don’t really remember exactly when it happened.


  • jppmom

    i know exactly how you feel coz my house too was broke in this year on Labour Day. And mind you, whenever I go down first thing in d morning, the fear of seeing the back door open refresh once again.

    Wah i didnt know that!.. touch wood! i hope it wont happend again..

  • mummy ruth

    I think we should put up a CCTV, what do ya think?

    I think CCTV is just a precaution …but i remember the police told me..’if dia mo curi.. bank pun dia bulih’..

  • MamaCay

    Oh dear …this is the 2nd time oledi kan ur apptment kena break-in? but lucky jua u all not there. Sure its a nitemare for u&family ..

    alamak.. mamakay.. this is the same story that i told you last time lah.. it happended in 2006.

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