The Birthday

I have wanted to write about this post right after the occasion but it would be meaningful without any pictures. I managed to scanned one important picture, that is the CAKE.

Get straight to the story…

I have been planning to celebrate Sean Matthew’s birthday on 8 November 2007, exactly his date of birth and it was a deepavali holiday.

A day before, we went to Giant, bought balloons for decor.. . and other things for the occasion.. i did most of the decor myself .. well with the help of my two kids.. while my husband preparing food.

Early morning, while sean and chrissa still sleeping, i put up the balloons, put on nice table cloth.. By the time they woke up, i get them ready.. for the party. At 10.00am, family members started coming in.. follows by other friends.

Other family members and friends came at 1.00pm.. the apartment was packed but with the furnitures arrangement, we managed to squeezed in. It was a great time for us, especially Sean.

He was thrilled with the cake… ..Thanks mum.. for baking a great Ultraman cake.

My appreciation to everybody for helping us.. on the food.. mum for your homestyle cooking which i always love, mumlola for your cake and dessert, mamata for the fried chicken… The Home Chef, Chris.. im sure deep in sean’s heart.. he always say thanks to you, dad.. for being a great cook. I dont want the children to compare who is the best home chef, mummy or daddy.. i let you win.. hehehe.

Thank you everybody for attending Sean’s simple birthday party.

  • Auntie Carol and Isaac.. too bad the girls didnt make it.
  • Auntie Juvi and the geng,
  • Mama odoi.. not easy to get her without early booking.. hehehe so VIP
  • Uncle denver n fren..
  • Favourate cousins… dawson and daniel..
  • Ina fele, papajoneh n josh..

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  • papajoneh

    Your welcome. We really enjoyed ourselves there and especially my Josh. The foods are just awesome. I think what already that.. want to order lah.. sedapbah tu sambal i think 😀

    the sambal made by my mum…

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