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Saturday morning… looking at the time its just 6.00am. Chrissa looking at me ‘i want nenen’. Oh dear.. go to sleep, i make for you nenen later.. give me another 1 hour sleep. Not long from that Sean starting his nonsense, pinching and kicking just to take the attention. Can i just get my sleep .. children..

I really have to wake up from the bed at 7.00 am. Make nenen for both of them. Attending to their needs after that few hours.

Dad called ‘come and join us in Rasa Ria’.. looking at the hot sun.. well i dont think so.. After lunch, both Chrissa and Sean, including me n chris.. fast asleep. i woke up at 4.00pm, chris went for a car wash (the car really need a bath). SMS Shella, just checking where she is… in Rasa Ria ( i never thought that she would join).

Being at home.. boring.. ok lah.. i thought why not.

Leave home at 6.30pm, reached Rasa Ria at 7.45pm. Welcomed by Mamyla and Dawson at the stairs.. Parents, Bona and Daniel went to Church.. as im writing.. we are still waiting for them to come back from church.

Will be going back to Penampang later.. but not sure about Sean.. he might stay with them… till then!

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