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The Worse Memory Ever

Having a home to stay is good enough. I thought staying in an apartment is safe because you only have to check on the front door. Further more my apartment is located at the 2nd floor, so I guess the safety is more important than the security. But I did put grill on every windows …


Christmas Around the Corner

Christmas is coming.. soon.. very soon. I am so in the holiday mood. Its not that I don’t have things to do at work but I just don’t want to do it. Unless its urgent then no choice. Even though in holiday mood but I still haven’t done anything. I have not buy any christmas …


The House Chef

Every day.. my husband will cook for the whole family. He have his menus ready i guess. Even on weekend, he will have his recipe book on the table to see what to cook… early morning he will go to the market to buy the necessary things according to the recipe. While he preparing the …