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    Tradisional Therapies for Diabities

    Misai Kucing

    Botanical name : Orthosiphon stamineus benth. Known as misai kuching (cat’s whiskers) here, or kumis kuching in Indonesia, this herb is popular with many Southesast Asians. for centuries, they have been brewing and drindking misai kucing, also known as Jawa tea or kideny tea. this medicinal herb has been used traditionally for treating diabetes, gout, rheumatism, atherosclerosis and hypertenstion.

    Bitter Goud

    Latin name : Momordica charantia. Like in Filipinos, most Malaysians know this plant well. Apart from making a great dish, it is good for diabetics. Oral consumption or juicing of the fruit has been recommended for its hypoglycemic effects on blood sugar. Studies are being done on the seed of the bitter goud on its effects on blood sugar levels.


    Latin name : Gymnema sylvestre. Gymnema has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat diabetes. It has been shown to reduce blood glocose and help in hyperglycaemia, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, anaemia and digestion problems. Besides that, the leaves are also used to cub ‘sweet tooth’. when chewed, it kills the ability to taste sugar for a few hours.

    Indian Kino Tree

    Latin name : Pterocarpus marsupium. Originally from India, the kin tree is also nown as bijaka, malabar kino, banga or venkai. This plan, popularly used as an Ayurvedic ingredient, contains an active ingredient known as epicatechin, which mimics insulin action. It also has the capacity to reduce glucose absorption form the gastrointestinal tract. The Indian kino tree has been used traditionally for diabetic management, especially type 2 diabetes mellitus.

    Quote from HealthToday (November 2007) by Nutritionist Grace Kang, reviews some traditional herbal therapies for diabities.

  • Family

    The First Facial

    My mum always asked me to do facial for her, which I enjoyed doing sometimes. Every time I did her facial I would promised her that I will take her to a salon one day. I can,t recalled how many times I promised her.

    It was just recently that I was thinking to do facial for me and my mum. She was so exited when I called her to ask her whether she is free on Saturday to do facial but unfortunately she and my dad had made a planned to attend wedding. Well I though, I can arranged for her to do facial next time. Suddenly she said, can I go tomorrow? I explained to my dad where the place is. Ok.. set.. I spoke to the my friend (the owner) my mum will be there. the appointment is at 9.00 am.

    The Next Day…. Friday….

    Early morning I called her asking whether she had reached the place. I have been calling her hp for 3 times, there were still searching for the place. After 30 minute searching.. they managed to find the salon. The fourth time I called, she had switched off her hp, I was sure the beautician was treating her face that moment. After being pampered for one and a half hours, she called .. ‘Ley, I’m done with the facial, come and take me here’.

    When I reached the place, I asked her to come down because it was hard to find a parking, but she said ‘I am not done yet’. Luckily I managed to find a parking space. Upon reaching the salon, she was doing her manicure. Wah .. no wonder lah.
    Imagine at the age of 55 only she got the opportunity to do facial.