The Birthday Plan

My son, Sean Matthew will be 4 years old on 8 November (Deepavali Day) it will be a holiday.  Well i am planning for a simple yet fun party for him. 

I am still thinking of the guests.   I cant invite everybody .. well actually .. how i wish everybody can squeeze in the small apatment of ours. 

Still thinking of what theme and how to decorate the house…

  ULTRAMAN 3 !!!

Mmmm… still thinking of what to cook…  Wait lah another day to think about it.

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3 Responses to “The Birthday Plan”

  1. MamaCay says:

    Oh.. i wish i can be there with u all for sean’s birthday ths coming thursday, anyway it is quite challenging to deco ur house with all the superheroes around hehe but sure its going to be lots of fun (jan lupa upload gmbar2) for me to see hehe ..about the food emm u just give chris the menu let him do all the cooking hahaha ..(buli pengsan)i believe MamaElley can do it lah ..this is small matter rite :-)”ok bah kalau ko”

    MAMACAY : I will upload the pics for you to see. How nice if Abigail and Amber can join sean on that day.

  2. JPPMOM says:

    hmmn how about custome birthday? Sean loves Ultraman right? Y don’t u ask all his cousin & friends to wear an Ultraman mask or shirts?

    JPPMOM : Nice also custome party.. but i dont think so lah.. they will end up fighting with each other thinking that they are the ULTRAMAN! thanx for the suggestions.

  3. mummy ruth says:

    It must be the most memorable ‘birthday cake’ for Sean, hehehe….ada ultraman tu kan…
    We will c u there.


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