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Need your feeedback here

Hi … Welcome to Beautiza 🙂

I would love you all to check out my  sketches page  of which contains all my designs.

These are just a few of my collections. Please leave a comment on my sketches, you can even request of any design for me to sketch. 

Thank you 😀

Here are few samples for you all to view.



  • Annabel

    Shirley i love your sketch on the kebaya outfit. Lovely. Think i’ll give my tailor to sew exactly like that since i’ve got the materials.

    Thanks Annabel. You can print and show it the tailor.


    nice sketches but actually i hope to see more of an office wear…tau2 lah…jarang pi dinner function…but apa pun, nicelah d baju…keep up the gud work…

    Thanks JPPMOM, i already upload a few sketches for office wear.

  • MamaCay

    Yah lor nice sketches tuu tapi as JPPMOM said more on off wear bah ..dingar2 u said buli pakai trousers oledi to work …tuu sudah bagus bah ..sinang sikit sia kejar tuu train hahaha ..anyway sia imagine jua sia pakai this baju emmm maybe i look a little bit tinggi hehehe ..prasann sia sje nii ;P. bah more on office wear & keep up the good work MamaEley

    Thanks Mamacay… i will do sketches on office wear.. trousers.. ok.. tungguuu!!!!

  • Annabel

    Shirley, your sketch design on the dress outfit which is a combination of kebaya and cheongsum, can i use my saree material to sew this design? Please advise.

    Hi Annabel.. i will sketch for you. thanx.

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